Best Weightlifting Gloves for Bodybuilding

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Weightlifters are divided into two groups when it comes to using gloves. The one group that supports weightlifting gloves, and the other group which is against it. So, which group do you belong to?

If you are struggling with this question, read this guide to know what gloves can do to make your workout more effective, and keep your hands safe.

If you are someone who works out once in a blue moon, you might think that you don’t have to worry about using weightlifting gloves. Well, you might need to reconsider your views!

This is because weightlifting gloves provide the needed support and protection to your hands, and also enhance your grip.

So, how do you choose the right gloves that will fit your needs? The best weightlifting gloves bodybuilding have a few things in common. Let’s find out.

Short Chart of top recommendation

Buying Guide

  • Fit

The best weightlifting gloves should fit your hands perfectly. The fabric should not be too loose. When you fix the gloves in place, your fingers should have complete dexterity.

The problem with ill-fitting gloves is that they will either be too loose and come off in the most inconvenient of times, or they will be too tight and start cramping up your fingers. Most good gloves come in multiple sizes, so you can select the right one for your hands.

  • Comfort

The worst part of working out is that when you repeatedly pull hard weights, they can form calluses in the hands. Bumpy, rough skin can be painful and prone to cracking. Cuts and scrapes are also very common for athletes.

Gloves are designed to soak in sweat and keep harmful bacteria on the equipment from touching the open skin on your hand. If you are using the gloves as per guidance, washing them regularly, then you can see the change in your skin quality.

Gloves are also designed with lots of padding, so when you are handling heavyweights, you will have excellent grip support and pain relief.

  • Support

The grip support can be the difference between an excellent, comfortable workout and getting injured in the gym. Gloves can get glossy or wet when you sweat depending on the material.

The best weightlifting gloves for wrist support are designed with the idea that they can soak in excess moisture and give you the right grip will keep weights from slipping and causing injury. They will also ensure you have the right posture and technique for the lift.

  • Material

The best padded weightlifting gloves can come in a variety of materials. All kinds of fabric have different merits. They can give you a different level of comfort.

Leather gloves are quite popular and extremely durable. They also last a very long time with proper care. They are designed with good grip protection for lifting weights and for providing pain relief for heavy weightlifting.

Rubber gloves are very common and can be pretty strong. Make sure the one you are buying has an inner lining to soak sweat. They are perfect for a convenient session of lifting.

Neoprene is a synthetic and the gloves can have excellent grip. The best thing about the fabric is that they repel fabric, so you will be washing these gloves a lot less than normal ones. Running them down in some cold water will do the trick. Silicone gloves are less common and often combines with neoprene gloves. They are non-slippery, so also great for grip.

If you have an aversion to synthetic materials, or can’t use leather, cotton is the best, breathable fabric that you can get. It does require a bit more cleaning than some synthetic gloves, so don’t forget to keep it nice and clean. 

Spandex gloves are lightweight, sweat proof, elastic and very long-lasting. 

  • Padding

Well-padded gloves are great for keeping your palms protected from the strain of weightlifting. They make gripping heavy rods comfortable, and lets you feel much less strain. Padding is also the leading factor that keeps your palms from forming a callus.

  • Wrist Protection

Most gloves that you find in the market will come with wrist wrap. Having the right fit is important. If it is too tight, your hands will start cramping up because of bad blood circulation.

If it’s too loose, the gloves can come off at a critical moment when you are working out, and cause an injury or accident.

Top 5 Weightlifting Gloves Recommendation

Here we listed the detailed reviews of top 5 Weightlifting Gloves we found the top over all the choices available in the market –

New Ventilated Weight Lifting Gloves

Sale Fit Active Sports Weight Lifting Workout Gloves with Built-in Wrist Wraps for Men and Women - Great for Gym Fitness, Cross Training, Hand Support & Weightlifting

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These premium weightlifting gloves come with a combination of neoprene and silicone for perfect grip and waterproofing to make your workout super comfortable. They are made of strong material, so it will last a lifetime. This means that they will survive many more reps than normal gloves. The wrist straps are built-in and adjustable and made of high-quality material.

The best part is that the back is completely open, it will allow for perfect air circulation, keeping your palms dry for a very long time. You can reuse between washes for a long time and never have bad smelling gloves. Just run it down in some cold water, and you are good to go. They also dry quickly.

The seller also boasts of complete flexibility of returning the material if you are not satisfied after using it. It comes in stylish black in 6 different sizes to choose from. If you don’t know your hand size, you can easily get the gloves replaced by contacting the seller.

What We Like –

  • Complete palm protection with extra padding.
  • No rips and tears for a prolonged time.
  • Keeps dangerous chemicals, bacteria, and sweat off your hands.
  • The silicon neoprene gloves have an extra tight grip for support.
  • Easily adjustable grip with Velcro straps that can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Perfect ventilation, so it never smells bad and needs less wash.

What We Don’t Like –

  • For heavy weightlifting, the padding might seem inadequate.
  • The Velcro strap can be a little maladjusted and prick if not lined up correctly.

Cobra Grips PRO Weight Lifting Gloves

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These grips look extra badass in the gym with the sleek and unique design and amazing cobra print. There are around 30 different styles of the gloves available, in different colors. Choose whatever suits your style, and you are ready for a heavy day of workout. The product is patented for the unique design, and it is the only thing you will need for grip support, power hook and lifting. 

The best part is that it’s completely suitable for everyone, and comes in a single size. You can adjust with the straps and make the gloves just as you want to while working out.

Say goodbye to getting worried about worrying the right size, and play with absolute comfort. There is no chance of these gloves slipping off from your hands.

They also have excellent padding, so don’t worry about getting calluses. Men will be extremely comfortable with the PRO version, and women will find the FIT version perfect for their needs. The ergonomic design is solely protective of your hands while you focus on the workout.

What We Like –

  • Unique design that is simply not available anywhere else.
  • Around 30 different colors available.
  • One size fits all.
  • Adjustable grips and Velcro straps for a perfect fit.
  • Patented, ergonomic design with comfort in mind.
  • Change it to fit just your wrists, or protect your palms. Versatile in function.

What We Don’t Like –

  • If you have smaller hands, then the fit might be an issue.
  • The right and left lettering are discrete, and you have to pull the strap completely out to see it.

Glofit FREEDOM Workout Gloves

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The Glofit is extremely sleek and stylish looking. When it comes to comfort, they will compete with the other entries on the list. The makers have extensively researched the design and made it extremely ergonomic and humanized.

Your hands will always be protected from injuries, calluses, and friction. Have the best grip when working out. To top that, it has a classy look and comes in pink, yellow, black, aqua or grey. The back of the gloves is hollowed out and made of breathable fabric. 

What We Like –

  • The microfiber material is extremely light and hygroscopic, so you can exercise longer.
  • Soaks sweat keeping you completely dry.
  • The sizes will fit anyone snugly.
  • 5 different sizes to choose from for maximum protection and fit perfection.
  • Unisex design that is perfect for anyone
  • It comes with an adjustable strap.
  • The design has a humanized function with a pool loop.
  • Use the back of thumb to wipe off sweat.
  • Never lose your weightlifting gloves. Instantly recognizable.

What We Don’t Like –

  • The gloves sizes can be smaller than expected.
  • Might have to upgrade to the next size by contacting the seller.

Contraband Pink Label Padded Gloves

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Super stylish ergonomic design that will draw lots of attention at the gym. Select from four sizes and four styles. Don’t fester inside the predictable, boring designs that offer nothing better for your stylized workout.

When you can get the perfect light to medium amount of padding required for a light workout, why would you settle for heavy gloves that soak in a bucket of sweat and need washing every other day?

Pink, purple, grey or black, you will love the gloves as they come. The grip-lock padding has an extremely high traction surface and will keep you from slipping no matter what kind of workout you are doing.

What We Like –

  • Grip-lock fingers and adjustable grip is easily the most comfortable factor.
  • Take off and adjust the gloves is extremely easy due to these.
  • Breathable air mesh and fabric, so you won’t sweat or feel hot.
  • Anatomical padding to and keeps your grip nice and strong.
  • Lightweight material perfect for an active workout.

What We Don’t Like –

  • It might not be suitable for very heavy weight lifting.
  • The Velcro cover is over hands, so no wrist protection.

RDX Weight Lifting Wraps

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The design of the RDX is highly unique. It looks nothing like a glove, so you may be confused as to how to use them. They have been designed to give you perfect wrist protection. If you are used to pulling hundreds of lbs. then these gloves are the perfect friend you need. 

The material is cotton and has the suppression grow technology, so you have maximum compression and heat retention. They will also ensure you have proper blood flow when lifting.

The blended cotton gives the correct mix of firmness and comfort. It is also warm to keep you from suffering injuries and decrease muscle pain.

What We Like –

  • The wrist band is made of flex rubber for perfect fit and grip.
  • Ideal for powerlifting and deadlifting.
  • Flex rubber material is best for compact hold.
  • The heat control technology is extremely therapeutic.
  • Hook and look closure, so you are ready to go in a second.
  • Calisthenics to weight lifting to bodybuilding or gymnastic, these gloves are ideal and unisex.
  • 5 fashionable designs to choose from.

What We Don’t Like –

  • The wrap length can vary from one pair of gloves to another.
  • The black material is much superior as compared to other colors.

Mava Sports Ventilated Gloves

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These workout gloves come in 5 sizes to choose from, for the perfect fit customized for your comfort level. There is plenty of silicone padding that will last long workout sessions and keep you protected from injuries and calluses. The neoprene material is great for comfort.

The gloves are ventilated with minimum coverage, which makes them for long sessions or people who are prone to sweating a lot. The quick pull adjust will allow you to take it off and on with complete ease.

What We Like –

  • It has extra padding for a safe workout.
  • Solid grip on equipment.
  • Perfect for cross-training, weightlifting or fitness exercises.
  • Comfort has priority with sweat soaking technology for a long time.
  • The material and inner lining are athlete grades.
  • Looped fingers and adjustable grip for easy adjusting.
  • Extremely versatile for rope climbing, chin-ups, pull-ups, bodybuilding, deadlifts, dumbbells, kettlebell

What We Don’t Like –

  • The palm pad is a bit shorter in the fingers, can cause discomfort.

Steel Sweat Weightlifting Gloves

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These gloves are designed to look almost like biker gloves and come in three cool colors. Black, blue and camo. The coolweave material is designed to give you the best fit while working out. 

They are quite breathable and has moisture-wicking technology. Stay protected from calluses, sores or irritation, these gloves are your solution. The back of the gloves is covered in soft leather for a classy look.

The wrist straps are super long so you can adjust it to any size according to your comfort. They also come in four basic sizes.

What We Like –

  • The gloves have an anti-slip function and heavily cushioned pads in the palms.
  • The palm has been designed for friction supportive for any workout.
  • They also protect your hands from abrasions.
  • The design is humanized.
  • Train longer and look stylish with these gloves.
  • The Amara leather has rubber grip dots for extra protection.

What We Don’t Like –

  • Not suitable for very heavy lifting above 120 lbs.

Updated 2020 Version Gloves

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The Ihuan Workout Gloves have been created to deal with the most stressful workouts. If you are a fitness freak, this could be the perfect fit for your gym needs. Perfectly ventilated and Velcro strapped wrists. Mesh design at the back for extra breathability. Sweat less and exercise longer. The gloves do not smell and need fewer washes.

Excellent customer support is guaranteed by the seller. It is also why these gloves are highly rated. Turnaround time is 24 hours for any issues you face using these.

What We Like –

  • Complete palm protection so you never get callus or injury.
  • Excellent wrist support, adjustable.
  • The grip is designed to minimize the chance of spraining.
  • Lightweight, breathable grip for dry hands.
  • Unisex gloves fit for gym training and general workouts.
  • Perfectly ventilated and Velcro strapped wrists.
  • Excellent customer support.

What We Don’t Like –

  • It can feel too lightweight, some users have complained of callusing.

Atercel Workout Gloves

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The Atercel has an extremely sleek look, but they are quite basic and functional. That does not downgrade them in any way when it comes to comfort, they are comparable with the other entries on the list. 

The makers have duly researched the design to make it much more ergonomic. This is not your garden variety glove.

What We Like –

  • The microfiber material is extremely light and hygroscopic.
  • The sizes will fit anyone but check the chart in the last picture.
  • Unisex and can be personalized with the adjustable strap.
  • The design has a humanized function with a pool loop
  • The back can be used to wipe off sweat.
  • Mesh fabric inside will keep you dry.
  • Excellent breathability will make your hands stay cool.

What We Don’t Like –

  • The gloves can be a little tight at the base of the fingers.
Best Weightlifting Gloves for Men

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Do Weightlifting Gloves Do?

These gloves are the perfect workout accessory. They come with appropriate padding, so you can lift easily and don’t feel very strained. The gloves can wick off sweat and keep your palms away from touching nasty bacteria-ridden surfaces in the gym where countless strangers have shed sweat.

You can simply use them to protect your palms from sweating, or as a wrist aid for heavy workouts. The applications are endless.

  • Should I Wear Gloves at The Gym?

If you care about hygiene, you should. The equipment at the gym only gets wiped after every use. So, you might not see the sweat, but the germs from the last guy are still on the bench when you are using it. 

Besides, weights can slowly form calluses on your hands over time. If you care about keeping your skin protected, gym gloves are a very good idea.

  • Can You Wash Lifting Gloves?

You can. Even leather gloves come with a washing instruction attached to them. Cloth gloves are the easiest to clean. Just toss them into the washer. If you are careful about using the washer, you can always soak the gloves in a pot with some cold water and dishwashing soap. They will clear off all the sweat and germs that you picked up at the gym right away.

  • Why Must I Use Weightlifting Gloves?

Think of weightlifting gloves as the buddy that reminds you to stay safe while working out. Except they take off the pressure of you having to keep track of those things. When you work out on a fairly regular basis, weightlifting gloves will make it easier for your skin to stay protected. You will get plenty of cuts and scrapes, and gloves will protect you by keeping the open wounds covered.

If even that does not convince you, think of a heavy workout session where the most burden falls on your wrist. With the gloves we have listed, you can get quality wrist support and not develop an injury.

  • How can I tell which ones are right for me?

 It depends on what your goal is. If you are mainly into heavy lifting, then go for lots of padding. This also means you probably sweat a lot. Gloves that have synthetic or sweat proof material will be ideal for you.

If you think fingered gloves are too restricting, then go for grips or fingerless gloves that we have selected. They will give you ample dexterity and allow you to get the best out of the workout.

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Final Verdict

Weight Lifting gloves are the best of both worlds. They are stylish, good-looking and extremely functional. Whether you are using them for light lifts, push-ups or calisthenics and athletic exercises, they can be the permanent fixture of the gym bag.

If you are conflicted about whether to use one, or how to select the right one for your workout profile, we hope our guide has helped to make up your mind. We selected only the top-rated products for your safety and comfort. So, stay safe, and have a happy workout.

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